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Tuna Tüner Aile Dizimi


Life, in a way, is like a movie. Is cinema similar to life or life to cinema, is still being debated. The statement “My life passed like a film strip before my eyes” is also an indication of how the relationship of life with cinema was assimilated by the society. If we compare life to a movie, it creates "scenes" every moment and "sequences" every day. It has a perfect setup, although we often don't notice it. We all play in a movie we call "my life". There are many more "actors" in this movie besides us. We decorate this movie in different venues, with different costumes and different make-up. And each of us has unique roles. These roles begin to be attributed to us consciously or unconsciously from the moment we are born. And there comes a time when we start looking for errors or omissions in the scenario. Because while we actually assume other roles to ourselves, the script prevents this. Or sometimes the scenario changes suddenly while we are satisfied with the role we play. This is usually because other people direct our own movie. However, everyone has the right and the ability to write, play and direct his own movie.

Family Constellation (Familien Aufstellung),

It is a personal development work systematized by German Bert Hellinger of the rituals that Shaman Zulular in Africa performed by gathering around the fire in order to find solutions to their problems.

Based on the "mind of the soul", in the journeys made to the Family Roots with group dynamics, we undertake (consciously or unconsciously) from our ancestors and family members; It is also a spiritual and therapeutic method that allows us to return the roles that do not belong to us and the destiny we identify with - by returning with respect, saying goodbye to our burdens, and continuing on our way lighter and more relaxed.

Although Quantum Drama® takes its starting point from the Family Constellation, it has developed methodologically with the special adaptation of our country's culture, conscientious structure and destiny structure following Tuna Tüner's work with Hellinger. Because every individual (necessarily or not) shares the fate of the system (family and society) in which he was born. Well, we can only solve a problem that belongs to us with a formula of our own.

Thus, Quantum Drama® is a comprehensive, powerful and life-supporting technique inspired by the Quantum Philosophy, shaped in accordance with today's needs and social differences.

Thanks to Quantum Drama® , the "drama" of one's family life is staged. All relationships in the family, situations, emotions, defined roles and expectations that remain behind the scenes and affect these relationships are revealed. The client remains out of the drama and gets the chance to watch this play, perhaps for the first time in his life, in front of him. Beliefs, emotions, roles, burdens, responsibilities, and burdens carried from parents and ancestors are recognized, returned, and the person is liberated. Thanks to this liberation, one finds the courage to follow his own destiny, perhaps for the first time in his life.

Why Quantum Drama®?

  • If you have a hereditary disease,

  • If celibacy is common or divorces prevail in your family,

  • You, your mother, grandmother or grandmother have had an abortion or miscarriage.

  • If there is death during birth in the family (baby or mother or both), death as a baby or a child (siblings, uncle, aunt, uncle or aunt),

  • If you have been named after a family or ancestor,

  • If you cannot get rid of energetic and intellectual pressures from family and ancestors,

  • Have serious relationship disorders with family and ancestors,

  • If there is a conflict between siblings,

  • If you have a communication problem,

  • If you have always had to play the roles assigned to you in life,

  • If you live a life you never wanted,

  • If you do not feel that you belong to this world,

  • If you have problems that you do not know the meaning of,

  • If you have mental problems,

  • If you come from an immigrant family / family,

  • If you have financial difficulties,

  • If you can not get rid of debt,

  • In the past, if there has been an inheritance injustice in your family,

  • If you have sexual or sexual or opposite sex problems,

  • If you are experiencing outbursts of anger,

  • If you have a problem of expression, if you cannot show yourself fully (professional / individual),

  • If you feel / feel that you are not loved and / or respected,

  • If you cannot advance professionally,

  • In relationships, if you find partners who will always have the same problems,

  • If you have a problematic child,

  • If you have a hyperactive, disabled or autistic child, etc.

  • The Quantum Drama® Family Sequence workshop is practiced full-time. It is applied for 2 full days in organizations outside of Istanbul. (16 hours)

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