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Tailor-made sessions that focus on your needs and contain lifelong guidance, working with you one-on-one on a tailored program It starts with the Jenogram® session with the Tuna Tüner Method. During this session, the story of your family tree is taken.

In this personalized program, which focuses on your needs and contains information that will guide you through life, with a special design for you, your vital fears, negative belief patterns that reduce your quality of life, negative attitudes and blockages are determined to make it easier for you to reach your desired goals.

Tuna Tüner, in the light of her experiences gained from psychology, personal development and coaching studies and the feedback she received from the clients, combined the Quantum Theory, Family Constellation, Breathing techniques, Subconscious principles, spiritual information and current personal counseling programs in one pot, creating an original and contemporary system. puts.

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