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Tuna Tüner's first work in 2009 is back with us with its updated and expanded content in its 12th year ...

► Human / Spirit relationship; What is evolution?

► Why me and this family; What is belonging?

► What are the Quantum Laws and what can they do for me?

► How can I detect my real problems?

► Why do I have problems with my family, surroundings, money and myself?

► Is there a formula for progress in life?

► Is it possible to overcome the issues I am stuck and / or blocked?

► What does it mean to love your destiny?

► What are the levels of consciousness and how to move into adult consciousness? And others…

With this 4 class work, you will get satisfying answers to the above questions, and you will have taken another important step in mastering life with special meditations and exercises.

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